Legal Aptitude in CLAT-2020 will not be asked as it used to be. 

Beware! They are trying to make their business in your panic condition. 


Nothing added ( Atleast at CLAT PATH) in new syllabus. Rather it has reduced so much of time consuming and unwanted GK Portion. 

Exam has gone more realistic and logic based. 

Now your Aptitude and Comprehending skills are key to crack CLAT. 

A welcome step from CLAT CONSORTIUM. 

Don’t Regret: 

You might have loved solving legal reasoning or scoring good marks in this topic. 

Don’t worry, you still have other law entrances to showcase your expertise in this topic(hopefully). 

Knowledge never go in vein. These basic understanding of Law will definitely help you in NLU or any Law School. 

Legal in Deductive Reasoning? 

No,it will not be. 

Finding some legal words or deductive reasoning from Legal world is not the “LEGAL REASONING”. 

This will not require you to have prior knowledge of law but good understanding and interpretation of Information given. 

Mocks ? 

We will be uploading our 1st mock (free for all) on new pattern on 24th Nov 2019 at 3 PM. 

We will keep 150 question in it till things get more specific on this. 

Mock test series on new pattern will be available to subscribe from 25th Nov at min cost. 

₹1999 for 20 mocks on new pattern. 

Where to buy ?